Our First Furniture Refinish

Jacob has been dreaming of a use for all the free electronics he snagged a few weeks ago on freecycle.  The collection included a tape deck, a retro reciever, and a pair of speakers.  This past weekend we searched our local thrift stores for a bookcase or a desk maybe with a hutch to set up our new digs on.  At a local goodwill we found an old entertainment center.  It wasn’t too impressive but it was just the right height to put a monitor on for some video game action (for all two of the video games we own, ha).  So we brought it home and decided to freshen it up with a few coats of paint.

Here is the before, minus the cabinet doors on the bottom.  We had already yanked them off and tried to spray paint them.  The red spray paint looked pink so we switched up the game plan and painted it with brushes.  In the home improvement store the paint shopping went like this:

Me: How about this one? (dark red)

Jacob: Ok.

Me: Oooh what about this? (Dark blue)

Jacob: That looks great.

Me: I am quite a fan of this though… (Bright Bright Bright Blue)

Jacob: I like that one better than the one before.

And in 30 seconds flat we picked the brightest color our house has ever seen not on a canvas.  I made sure, though, to in my head blame Jacob for the color choice since he made the “decision” (i.e. made a comment that encouraged me to stop picking up color samples), just in case it turned out to be horrible.


Thankfully, it did not.  I love how the hardware looks on the front.  And now that Jacob has set it all up with our radio and such sometimes we just walk in there to admire our handiwork, haha.  Our second bedroom has now be renamed our “play room”.  Maybe just because of the color choice alone.

We are now really happy with this purchase.  At first we were worried about another piece of used furniture to add to the apartment of misfit toys but with a bit of love and attention this turned out great for two reasons 1) it isn’t ikea (boxy particle board with a paper front) and 2) that blue goes with everything, or rather nothing and by doing so everything! Well and maybe a 3) Jacob and I worked on it together, we love team work.

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