Share-a-sock Drawer

March 7, 2009

Jacob is an amazing husband.  I realized the other day while vacuuming before mopping up the kitchen that it was the first time I had actually used the vacuum, we’ve had it for months (and used it! With my hair this is quite unavoidable).  Another chore that Jacob is better than me at is laundry.  Well, maybe that is too harsh, but he has some Monk-like tendencies and I really don’t care if I wear a wrinkled t-shirt every single day.  But he needs to look nice for work so it makes sense as well.  He is qutie on top of things like dryer sheets and hanging up shirts right when the dryer is finished.  But I’m learning so he can be happy if I do the laundry.

But we like to fold together.  Neither of us is really into folding the others clothes or putting them away.  We have both done it for the other and will continue to but it really is easier to just grab your own and do it since there is only the two of us.

Our one roadblock, however, has been socks.  First you have to pick them out of all clingy fabrics, you know they get stuck inside your shirts too, then you have to match them and finally split them into his and hers piles.  This seemed too much for us and since we wear almost identical socks anyway, and when he was out he would grab a pair of mine anyway…, we decided to consolidate our collection.  Obviously this means he will have to avoid the pink edged ones in the morning, and I his black dress socks but these are minor obsticals when set beside our beautiful new sock drawer.  Thats right, in the apartment where we had to use every bit of closet space (which is a lot) we made some room for an entire draw of socks.

My socks used to be in my underware drawer and his with some of his folded up shirts.  But at Lowe’s we found a sweet little sweater caddy to hang in the closet.  He has filled it with his t-shirts.  (I have a similar object in our front closet for all my athletic clothing, I obviously have too many clothes for my own good but since I’m a paid athelete I kind of refer to it as my uniform.)  Anyway, the t-shirts moved out and my socks moved in and now we are blissfully happy sharing a sock drawer.  Obviously, this isn’t for everyone.  If we had to organize the sock drawer this might be, again, more hassel.  But since we share so much it works out for us.