Sunday Afternoon Tote

I was browsing the web just yesterday, while my Jacob was napping all afternoon and evening, and started falling in love with handmade purses.  Now I’m not really a purse girl, I mean I use one but by one I mean one.  I don’t have a crazy collection, one for every outfit or anything.  But some of the purses I saw are so cute and useful.  During my browsing I found a simple tote bag tutorial on Sew Mama Sew.  Since I’ve never made a bag before simple was important.

I haven’t yet unpacked my craft corner.  I’ve been looking for a sewing desk since I arrived here in Connecticut but haven’t found an acceptable one yet.  But today, after church, my man fell back to sleep for the afternoon again so I decided to rip apart our second bedroom looking for all the equipment for this simple project.  The only thing I never found (yet) was my long 6″x24″ quilting ruler, which would have been uber handy.  So my project may not have ended up perfectly square but that’s alright for my first try.

I whipped this up during Jacob’s nap.  It was hours long so don’t think I’m bragging but some instant gratification is an awesome motivator to get back into project mode.  The tutorial was great and easy to follow.  I left out the pocket for simplicity.  And although I had never used french seams before, I didn’t feel like pulling out my serger too yet so I went along with them.  I actually really love how they look in this unlined tote, definitely the way to go.

I think I’m going to use this as my new Sunday bag.  I’ll be teaching a primary class again so I need something for my binder and crayons.  I really love how the handles are the perfect length to fit over my shoulder for a purse feel or I can hold it by my side without it dragging like a typical tote.  Happy Sunday!

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