Christmas in August

When I first unpacked my sewing materials I cranked out a few cute birds.  I have yet to write about them because I have yet to perfect them but I decided they would make good Christmas ornaments (once I figure out how to attach them to a tree…).  That got my mind thinking about other ornaments I could make.

Jacob bought me a giraffe ornament for our very first Christmas when we were dating.  And our first Christmas after we were married he got me a jiggly turtle ornament.  I love my ornaments but in the hecticness of the holiday right before we were married there was not an exchange of ornament.  So I made one to remind us of that beautiful January a year and a half ago.

I don’t remember doing much hand embroidery as a child.  I wasn’t quite patient enough for almost any kind of handwork.  But I did remember some stitches my mother (who is AMAZING at embroidery!) taught me so I just took an idea and drawing I made and drew it with thread, freestyle.  It was really fun!  The stitching took me so long, all of one morning actually.  But I think we look adorable in stick-figure form.

Once I made up for our missing year of ornaments I decided I’d better get a jump start on this year, especially considering we are actually going to have a tree this year, yay!   The second ornament is inspired by these amazing ornaments. I’m not quite that pro yet; I can’t really sew a decent circle.  But I had fun making my wonky version and love the outcome.  Although I machine stitched the larger heart ornament, I practiced my hand-work by attaching the back of this one by hand.

I love ornament that have a personal touch, either homemade, a gift, or something I like, animals, sports, pictures (is it weird to have pictures on the tree?).  My sister collects older ornaments from garage sales and thrift stores.  She finds the cutest stuff like bears on sleds.  I also have a friend who collects ornaments from all her vacations.  I would love to hear how you like to decorate your tree.  Do you like it all to match?  Do you have a theme like festive wreaths and stockings or a color like blue?

2 Responses to “Christmas in August”

  1. Valerie says:

    Woah. 2 blogs!? You. are. Awesome. Will you help my Activity day girls make ornaments? Since you have lots of free time and all! :) They are so cute!

  2. Rebecca says:

    Haha, you should see my other 7 blogs ;) I think I have a problem, do they have Blogger’s Anonymous? And I would love to teach your girls to make ornaments (and do cooking groups and go camping), of course I’ll just have to make the time!

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