The Beginnings of a Felt Fun Book

My husband encouraged me to start writing down my ideas. I have a bad habit of telling myself I lack creativity. I decided to start a mini blog to collect some ideas, mainly for projects of a crafty nature but I might put other things up as well.   While perusing etsy, one of my favorite places for inspiration, a seller named PaperFish caught my eye with her felt needle books held together with a book ring.  They are super cute and I felt the need to make a little book for Anna just like some of hers.

I decided to make a little book of animals.  I’m still not sure how many pages my book will have or even any of the details of the final result.  But I’m starting small by a little bit of embroidery and applique (when I can squeeze it in between feedings and cuddle time with my newborn).

I’m so grateful for Jacob who encourages me in all my creative endeavors.  I probably would not have run out and bought my very first set of felt sheets without him.  I bought about $4 worth of felt and set out to make my own patterns for the animals.  I also invested in a new thread organization system for my collection.  My plastic baggie was just not cutting it.  I love the ring, and how compact yet accessible my collection is and especially the fact that I don’t loose the second piece of 3 strands to a tangled mess but can just put it back on the spool.

Plus, it looks quite pretty, eh?  Anna and I had a good time designing some cartoony animals and stitching them down.  I think it will be so much fun to have a little book of animals.  I’m really enjoying the simplicity of working with felt, no seam allowances and the fabric is very forgiving for aplique.  However, a pretty running stitch has eluded my work as the thickness prevents multiple stitches to be made a once.  Maybe with practice I will gain the confidence to use contrasting thread colors, who knows.

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